Package wcdbsearch :: Module indexes :: Class SimulationBatchIndex
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Class SimulationBatchIndex

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Inherited from haystack.indexes.SearchIndex: __metaclass__

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prepare(self, object)
Fetches and adds/alters data before indexing.
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Inherited from haystack.indexes.SearchIndex: __init__, clear, full_prepare, get_content_field, get_field_weights, get_updated_field, index_queryset, load_all_queryset, read_queryset, reindex, remove_object, should_update, update, update_object

Inherited from haystack.indexes.SearchIndex (private): _setup_delete, _setup_save, _teardown_delete, _teardown_save

Class Variables [hide private]
  text = CharField(document= True, use_template= True)
  name = CharField(model_attr= 'name')
  description = CharField(model_attr= 'description')
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prepare(self, object)

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Fetches and adds/alters data before indexing.

Overrides: haystack.indexes.SearchIndex.prepare
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